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Basic Electrical diagram: Works with all big twin & xl models


(C) 1997 DanialHoweCreations Inc

Parts you’ll need:

3 position key switch

Brake light pressure switch

Circut breaker


Relay harness ( not shown )


Starter button ( optional if you are not using factory switch housings)

Horn button ( optional if you are not using factory switch housings)

Headlight ( this is a personal choice however the one we have included in this list is a very cost effective and reliable unit we use on many factory models )

Tail light


Wire kit - includes all wire colors shown in example

* All parts not highlighted can be sourced locally at any auto parts store.

The cleanest rear brake set up around...

The photo to the left shows an assembled view of our production rear brake caliper and mount setup with a slick little addition of the built in rear tail light activation switch. Using this setup keeps your wiring to a bare minimum and reduces the need for additional fluid connection points ( makes bleeding your brakes far easier as well. )

For this setup you’ll need the following parts:

- Left side mount brake bracket for RSD Apps such as sportster power or RSD wide tire big twins

( OPTION2 ) Right side mount brake bracket for LSD Apps such as narrow tire big twins

- Caliper

- Pressure switch

- Pressure switch fluid bolt

- 45Degree 10mm Banjo fitting

- Weld on grab shelf bracket for frame - not shown

How to wire it:

You can follow the above diagram running wires from the L TERMINAL and RED TAIL LIGHT WIRE as shown above and this will give you a switch to light your brake up ONLY when key is turned on.... Note: This setup DOES NOT light up when applying the front brake. most states only require one brake to light switch but check with your local DOT before committing to your final layout.

The art of going FULL BORE ( for newbies )

Upgrading your 883 to a big bore Hi output 1200 with 10:1 compression is easier than you think!

Follow along with our easy to read tech guide and get everything you need to do the job below.

11-0589T 10 to 1  upgrade kit

You’ll need the following things:

10 to 1 Compression 1200 upgrade kit ( in black )

Top end gasket kit

Tools -Ring compressor and some basic hand tools

Click here to follow along with our easy to read tech guide.

It’s back! Our guide to building your own oil tank for under $25 is available again!

Click here to follow along with our easy to read d.i.y. guide.       ( its a big file so slow internet connects may take a while )


Bob’s Low buck rear drive line alignment tool

Chain tensioner -click here to order
Tirechart (Copyright 1997 DHC )
Prep Your fuel tank! order here

Wait! before you fill that tank for the first time - Did you remember to prep it?

We show you the right way to properly set up your fuel tank for years of trouble free service...

Article posting soon...

Front motormount

A Quick look at what a front motormount should look like....

Currently we are not producing this part but a lot of you out there have been stumped by what do do about fabbing your own.... The process is pretty simple. the mount is made of 3/8ths thick steel and resembles an ITALIC LETTER T... you’ll note the block ( found on the lower part of your weapon, nemesis or speedster frame is shown here mounted behind the plate on picture #1 for example purposes. normally its welded to the frame )

To fabricate your version of this mount simply firmly mount the motor to the back plate as it should be and align the front block to flat parts of the motors lower front mounts and use poster board to trace out the shape shown at the left and mark the hole positions.

Next, cut out 2 matching plates from 3/8ths steel drill out the hole positions and mount up the motor using standard sportster mounting hardware or your own version for a custom look.

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D.I.Y. and $ave!

Why hand over several thousand bucks to a painter when with a little know how can save bid!


All new paint and body videos are selling at prices so cheap it would be a crime not to do it yourself!